Trial and Retribution - Collection 1 (Season 1-7)

Trial and Retribution - Collection 1 (Season 1-7)

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First seven seasons of the crime series written and produced by Lynda La Plante. 

'Trial and Retribution I', a major police search operation led by DI Pat North (Kate Buffery) swings into action after Anita Harris (Helen McCrory)'s five-year-old daughter, Julie Anne (Millie Ricks) goes missing. 

'Trial and Retribution II', Detective Superintendent Walker (David Hayman) leads a murder investigation when a serial killer murders a string of women, each time removing one of his victims' breasts and using an unusual arrow-headed weapon. A complex and dramatic trial ensues... 

'Trial and Retribution III', Cassie Booth (Candice Mandeville), a fifteen-year-old girl, goes missing while doing her paper round. When her blood-stained clothes are found in a boathouse in Putney, a murder investigation is launched, led by Detective Superintendent Walker (David Hayman). 

'Trial and Retribution IV', DI North (Kate Buffery) is assigned to re-investigate an eight-year-old murder case in which James McCready (James Wilby) was convicted of killing his partner, Gary Meadows (Steven Hartley). 

'Trial and Retribution V', DC Mike Walker (David Hayman) is assigned to investigate after a 17-year-old skeleton is uncovered. 

'Trial and Retribution VI', DI North (Kate Buffery) is on the case of a girl who has been abducted in a wood. 

'Trial and Retribution VII', DCI Connor (Victoria Smurfit) and DC Walker are brought back together to investigate after a severed hand is found in the River Thames.

Release Date: August 2018
Region: 0 NTSC