Hollywood's Best Film Directors Volume 2

Hollywood's Best Film Directors Volume 2

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Could you handle enormous movie productions, megastar egos and box-office expectations with millions of dollars at stake? Top movie makers tell how theyve done it on Hollywoods Best Film Directors. Spend time behind the movie curtain learning how directors like George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola put their imaginations on screen and in your mind.

Hollywoods Best Film Directors tell us the stories of the top contemporary directorstheir early lives, their education, their influences, the first films they directed, how they became involved in projects that became huge blockbusters.

Disc 1

Joel Schumacher
Richard Donner
Andrew Davis
Jan De Bont
William Friedkin
Ivan Reitman
Adrian Lyne

Disc 2

Roger Donaldson
Francis Ford Coppola
Barry Sonnenfeld
Barry Levinson
Rob Reiner
Chris Columbus

Disc 3

George Lucas
Brett Ratner
John McTiernan
Peter Segal
Garry Marshall
Jon Turteltaub
John Carpenter