The Closer: Season 7 (5 Discs)   DVD

The Closer: Season 7 (5 Discs) DVD

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Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson has carved out a formidable reputation as the LAPD's go-to player for taking down the city's most dangerous killers, kidnappers and assorted low-life scum. But as The Closer hits its seventh - and final - season, a surefire case gone horribly wrong spawns a civil lawsuit, and makes Brenda and her team the targets of a potentially career-ending investigation. Despite Captain Raydor's unnerving audit of the Major Crimes unit, life - and death - go on, as the squad investigates a hip-hop music mogul after a brutal mass killing, the team and the FBI spar over jurisdiction in a high-profile murder, and (big surprise) Flynn and Provenza's latest money-making scheme blows up in their faces. All in all, the last season of The Closer is must-see entertainment for any fan of the series critics hail as one of the most emotionally gripping, powerfully compelling crime dramas ever created!